Whatís Your Target?

Thereís an old saying: If you aim for nothing, youíll hit it every time.

Thatís certainly true in the field of copywriting. If youíre not sure who your prospects are, and what you want them to do, youíll probably hit your target—nothing.

Part of my job as a copywriter is to help you identify your audience. Then, you need a captivating story followed by a clear call to action. How do you want them to respond after reading your piece?

With that, we can craft a message that reaches them where they live. If I donít improve your customer response rate, your donation level, or your sales numbers, then I havenít done my job.

Iím confident that I will—because Iíve done it for others.

So—let's get started!


What others have to say:

Bill understands the elements of a direct response letter that produce results—and he employs them consistently and skillfully.
Gifford Claiborne, advertising and fundraising consultant

Bill, just yesterday I was singing your praises to a friend of mine ... I also told him he'd be nuts to call anyone else!
Craig Hill, Owner Los Al Builders

Bill Ireland has been a great asset ... as a writer, editor and project manager. I recommend him without reservation.
Michael Leet, CFO PartnerFirst

Bill was a delight to work with and I highly recommend him ...
Todd Rettberg, author, pastor

Would never even think of taking on a project without having him.
Jason Crawford, real estate broker, entrepreneur

I am pleased to recommend Bill Ireland for his writing skill and experience in editing.
John Alexander, author


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What do I write?

Glad you asked. Hereís a partial list:


Oh, by the way ... I've also ghostwritten or edited a slew of books. (Here's one that has my name on it.)

And I write lots of stuff that's not listed here. So don't be shy about bringing me your project—whatever it might be.

Get started on your project now!