Manger Scene by John Singleton Copley

Oh, Mary

Oh, Mary, don't you understand?
You're a part of a greater plan.
Did you not believe what God had said,
That He would do "something new?"

Oh, Mary, Mary, can't you see,
This was how it had to be?
When God visited His people
How could you know He'd visit you?

All the prayers you prayed to God
Are answered here tonight.
All the darkness you have known
Is melted in God's holy light.

Oh, Mary, it's a mystery!
You must play your part in history.
Soon the life that grows within you
Will give the world life anew.

Oh, Mary, go ahead and sing!
Let your voice make the mountains ring!
And all those who hear the story
Will lift their voice and sing with you.

© 1989 Bill Ireland