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Words that Persuade

You have something you'd like the world to know about.

It might be a book ... a band ... a business.

Or, it might simply be an idea.

Perhaps you run a nonprofit organization that helps needy people.

Or, you have a product that could revolutionize their lives.

Whatever your enterprise—you believe in it. And you know that if others knew about it, they'd benefit.

So, how do you tell them?

You need a writer.

But, not just any writer. You need an experienced professional copywriter. One who knows how to speak to your prospects in their language. Who knows how to connect with them emotionally—not just intellectually.

Because after all, we're not just rational creatures. We respond to things with our emotions. And they're usually what prompt us to act.

That's what you want your prospects to do: not just appreciate what you're saying, not just agree—but act.

So, what emotional needs does your product or service address in your prospects? Start there.


So many choices ...

There are many ways for you to get your message out. You've probably thought of most of them already. But here are a few, to spark your imagination:


Direct Mail

You thought direct mail was obsolete in the Internet age? Think again. There's a reason why big retail companies, credit card companies, catalog companies, nonprofits, political campaigns, associations and advocacy groups all use direct mail: It works! Done right, a direct mail campaign can be the most effective way to present your product or service to people. You can target the demographics you want to make sure you're reaching the right ones. The next step is to craft a compelling, irresistible package that grabs readers at their deepest emotional level.

Direct mail samples: Here, here, and here


Web copy

Your website may be pretty, but is it accomplishing its purpose? That is, is it prompting people to act? As the saying goes, if you aim for nothing you'll hit it every time. So, first you need to decide what you want visitors to do. Then, craft your copy to lead them directly to that action—as fast as possible. Good web copy is lean, targeted, and user-friendly. Remember, your prospect can blow you off with the flick of an index finger. Your content should keep them happily engaged right up to the moment they click the enter button.

Samples? You're reading one. Here's another one. And another.


Email campaigns

To execute an effective email campaign, you must first find a way to avoid the spam file. Then, you must escape the dreaded delete button. How do you accmplish all that? It starts with a unique, arresting, intriguing, irresistible subject line. If the subject line is strong enough, viewers will take a chance and open the email. Then, you have a few seconds to present your compelling offer. You'll want to make it seem perfectly natural for them to take that final step—to click through to your landing page, fill out your form, or order your product. Good copy makes it easy.

Begin your email campaign



A brochure is the best way to leave a great first impression. An effective brochure won't simply list services or product specifications. Rather, it will convey an image, identifying you in the reader's mind as the authoritative source for whatever product or service you represent. The copy should all work toward that purpose.

Brochure Sample



It's hard to resist opening a well-crafted newsletter. Your contacts may not be interested in every facet of your enterprise, but they'll appreciate the relevant information you provide from your unique perspective. A newsletter gives you the opportunity to highlight your expertise—especially in the areas that are important to your reader. And they'll feel a certain comfort in receiving your communication, sent especially to them, on a regular basis. Most importantly, it keeps your name and service in front of them.

Newsletter Samples: Here and here.


Reports, articles and white papers

These are typically informational documents, not overt sales tools. But they enable you to establish your business as a go-to source for expertise and information in your field. After all, who knows more about your niche than you? Share some of that knowledge with the wider world! You can tie these offerings to email campaigns, offering them to prospects—who will gladly provide their contact information for a valuable resource.

Report sample


Ready to get started? Let's go!